Gone Are The Days!

O, I miss the days

The days when men were not human in appearances but animal in characters

I miss the good old days!

The days when elders were not old in age but toddlers in oddity

I miss the days!

The days when children did not go to school to acquire mere degrees but come out with empty heads and corrupt hearts

I miss those days!

The days when men did not place money above the sanctity of their family names

Gone indeed are the days!

The days when men go to church to meet God and bow to His Lordship in order to learn His life with their hearts well prepared to “ lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your(their) souls” (Jam 1:21)

Gone are the days!

When men of God were not men of gold and servants of their bellies; the days when men were not encumbered with visions of building Glass Cathedrals and monumental auditoria only to fill them with obdurate goats who are useless to God’s kingdom and His eternal purpose but who can “sow” bountifully towards the realization of the cracked visions of their men of gold

Gone are the days!

When the altars of God were places of fire; when churches were places where sinners go to bow their knees in repentant submission with contrite hearts, were lives were totally transformed and patterned after God and not places of untamed boisterouscarnivals, dirty humor and shameless parade of impious fashions

Gone are the days!

When Christian leaders were perfect paradigms of the truth they preach; the days when pastors were not hooligans and stage actors, when their wives were not “Jezebelian” both in appearance and also in character, the days when men who ought to model Christian character were not fraudulent pretenders and silly pulpit jobbers; and women who ought to raise the next generation of godly women are not spoilt brats that lack the tiniest element of decency

Gone are the days!

When the body of Christ was one; the days when church leaders were not selfish bigots, shameless propagandists and agents of sectarianism, enticing every unsuspecting miracle seeker from every fellowship to their endless programs, but putting their own members under oaths never to attend meetings from outside their fold, when men did not run each other down in their shameless quest for member snatching and church transplanting which they are gracelessly parading as church planting and growth

Gone are the days!

When Christians are true representatives of heaven; the days when Christians will not lie on oath, steal public funds and defraud each other under any guise, the days when Christians think and live heaven, are eager to see the return of the Bridegroom, watch and pray and also care about the eternal destinies of the heathen making them to eagerly embark on aggressive soul-winning to the glory of God

Gone are the days!

The days when I graciously chose to follow the Lord in sincerity, turning my back to the world and all its enticing goodies; the days when brethren eat with joy from the same pot, sleep on the same bed, brothers and sisters flock together without any ulterior motive, fellowship without lousy music, study the word in tears of submission and love one another without dissimulations

O, the days!

How I wish for my children to see the days; how I pray for my children and my children’s children to be in the days of old and see true Christianity and the real church.

I pity you, O children of the modern times; you may not understand what I mean. You may feel like attacking my submission and think that what you have now is the best. I pity you because should you be fortunate enough to hear the true gospel, many of you would have sincerely embrace it; but now, you are glad with all you have

I pray you, O God of the universe; empower the remnant of your men who have not bowed their knees to Mammon to speak with courage and power. Give strength, O Lord, to the sound of the trumpet from true Watchmen in this generation. Deliver them from weariness and fatigue and encourage them from on high so that the willing souls of this and next generations will see the good old days!








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