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The Answer is Looking for You

I had a brain wave years ago which I honestly believe till this day was a sense of divine direction, and that was to engage the services of the nations leading Brand Consultant. I know perception is stronger than facts and saw how wrong perceptions of Jesus robbed many people of their miracles – the scribes and Pharisees in Capernaum in Luke 5 and citizens of Nazareth, the home town of Jesus, in Luke 4 and Mark 6. As anointed as Christ was and as willing as He was to solve all problems, meet needs and change lives, He was limited by the unbelief of those who perceived Him as a traitor, thief, heretic, dissident or fraud. Till this day the same fact rings true in our world. Jesus is the answer for the world but the world is blinded by secular humanism, dead religion and growing cynicism caused by a deliberate propaganda of the agents of darkness against the truth of the gospel of Christ.

This is why I do not mind attacks from those who feel it’s a sellout and lack of vision on the part of my likes who will deliberately engage the services of professionals at times to ‘package’ or ‘market’ their institutions or programs. The truth is that even they do the same to a degree or the other by themselves. Else, they wouldn’t print handbills, nor engage the use of social media platforms etc. I believe it’s a misunderstanding and my logic about it is simple. It’s simply a matter of communication and how we do it simply influences how we are perceived and responded to. Anyway, it’s not a doctrine and should merely be a matter of personal preference.

The coach obliged me after listening to my rants and about my mission to the city of Lagos, Nigeria after pastoring in Ibadan for 18 years. He saw the value in introducing our ministry to Lagos in a way that communicates our sincerity of purpose, rather than being categorized among the charlatans who truly prey on the vulnerabilities of the disadvantaged, the desperate and the disorientated in our society. We are in the city to meet needs, change lives and to obey our divine mandate and we should realize the natural suspicion of the city towards new arrivals.

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