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Wayward Fathers Rebellious Children

Brethren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern Phi 3:17.

Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ 1Cor 11:1.

The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and the God of peace will be with you Phi 4:9.

Servants of God are expected to be patterns and models to the flocks they are leading. They are expected not only to preach and teach the total mind of God, they are also expected to model that which they preach.

It was easy for Apostle Paul to say to the Corinthian and the Philippian brethren to imitate him just as he was imitating Christ.

The journey to eternity becomes less cumbersome when you have leaders who are pattern of godliness, leaders whose examples you could follow, leaders who are perfect examples of what heaven requires from our lives.

I see two great evils in the church of today: fathers whose lives could not be imitated simply because they are everything but models of godliness and children who are rebellious, children who choose ways totally at variance with the lives of their fathers.

Not many leaders of today can be followed; many of those who lead the flocks of God are bad influences on the church. If you follow such leaders who preach great messages but lead abysmal lives, your end may be disastrous. That is the reason why I always counsel brethren never to choose who they will follow based on charisma but on character.

Do not be carried away by a man’s ability to preach great sermons and work many miracles. The mark of a genuine man of God is never in what God is doing through him, it is in who he is in God.

If the person you are following does not possess the character of heaven, I doubt if you will be able to sail through successfully to a blissful eternity. So, be prudent in your choice of who will lead you.

If you discover that your leader’s focus is not heaven, stop following him and look for a leader who is following Christ.

If by the grace of God your leader is a true pattern of Biblical Christianity, you are expected to follow his example. You must not be a rebellious child whose life is at variance with that of his father. Once we see a child, we should be able to say “this is so and so’s child”. Why for heaven’s sake should you be a disgrace to what your godly leaders represent? Why must you be in a godly house and at the same time a perfect model of ungodliness?

In my place when a child’s character is totally different from those of his/her parents, he/she is referred to as a bastard. Why should you be a bastard in the household of God? This hellish lifestyle and unrestrained and reckless worldliness we see in you, are they also in those who are showing you the way to heaven? If not, why must you bring shame to the household of faith?
If you are fortunate to have leaders who are going to heaven, do not deviate to the way of hell; follow your leaders who are following Christ. Do not be a rebellious child; come back home and follow after righteousness.

I command every property of hell in your life to catch fire now and burn to ashes in Jesus name.

The spirit of rebellion shall never have a place in you in Jesus name. You will end well and have and eternal rest with God in Jesus name.

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